Why Telos?


We at ZionBlockBP1 took care in our efforts researching various Blockchains. We eventually came across The Telos Community who’s core values shared direct parallels to our core mission; To eagerly strive to have a positive impact on a community that is committed to security, transparency, and opportunity.


Our core goal is to have a positive impact with every action we take. We realized the only way to accomplish this goal is by joining a community that has healthy roots deeply ingrained in distributed networks. After a perilous search we found that Telos would be the absolute best place for our goal to not only bring about a positive impact but grants us the rare chance to grow within a community that values fairness.


At ZionBlockBP1 we like to keep things simple, transparent, and efficient. This why we were ultimately drawn towards the Telos Governance Operating Agreement. We felt as a team that the Agreement best reflected our values.

Our Vision

Web 3.0 will be characterized by user-owned networks, dethroning rent seeking middlemen, regaining control and compensation for user data, and vastly improved data security through decentralization and effortless encryption. This Third wave of internet development is about removing barriers of entry into financial markets and services, unlocking hidden value by seamlessly connecting billions of people directly to international commerce and trade, and spurring innovators to reimagine the fundamental workings of the global economy.


We strive for excellence in all of our endeavors both in our personal & professional lives.


We are a community of individuals from from different backgrounds coming together for a singular goal.


Visibility is important to us. Our true intentions are to be one of the most approachable & reliable Block Producers in the Telos community.



We decided as a team that a scalable infrastructure would grant the ability to mold our infrastructure to the present needs of the community. In turn allowing us the capacity to be an efficient block producer.

ZionBlockBP1 is the first Block producer in this geographic region of Montreal, Canada. We strategically placed the node in this region due to the geographic need for a node on the east coast of North America.

Our node is currently deployed to AWS for the near term. Our roadmap contains plans to build out bare-metal infrastructure, and we have already begun discussions with data centers in Montreal to facilitate this transition.

Node Location



Code of Conduct

ZionBlockBP1  is an honor and reputation based organization. We pledge in everything that we do to continually strive to have a positive impact on the Telos Community.
Here at ZionBlockBP1 we hold ourselves to the utmost standard of professionalism and will continue to do so. All team members will act both in both a responsible and respectful manner in regards to others opinions in the community.
As a Telos Block Producer it is our responsibility to serve our community in the best way we possibly can. We at ZionBlockBP1 are constantly striving to be the most reliable firm on the block-chain by providing a secure block producing node located in Montreal, Canada.
We at ZionBlockBP1 pledge to always aim higher for the Telos community. This will be accomplished by working hand in hand with the Telos community. We endeavor to achieve this goal in all that we undertake, with the ultimate vision of making the world a better place.
We at ZionBlockBP1 solemnly pledge to uphold and follow the requirements set forth by the Telos Block Chain Network Operating Agreement. Furthermore we will both follow and implement the rules.
We at ZionBlockBP1 have learned to accept change as a constant factor in the blockchain community. In that we solemnly pledge to remain open and flexible to any change made in the community proposals. ZionBlockBP1 agrees to not only abide by the TELOS Constitution at all times but to continually update our own in a timely manner to reflect any changes in the TELOS Constitution.

Vote for Us!

Telos Block Producers are selected by inverse weight voting. The more producers that someone votes for the more weight their vote holds. In the Producer Voting page you will see a list of Block Producers. One can choose up to 30 block producers to vote for.

Why ZionBlockBP1

Our primary goal is to have a positive impact within the Telos Community . We plan to do this in a simple, organized and transparent fashion. Our first step is laying a solid foundation for main node and its location. Our main node to be located in Montreal, Canada. This is due to the geopolitical atmosphere presently in Canada in regard to its attitude towards the blockchain community. 

  • How to Vote:

    Sqrl Wallet

    Step 1: Download Sqrl wallet
    Step 2: Create a free account
    Step 3: Generate both public and private keys to create an account

    Important: If you already have an account enter your Telos or EOS key in order to unlock it

    Step 4: Vote for ZionBlockBP1


Russell LaCour
Software Engineer
Robert Franke
System Administrator

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Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • email admin@block26.com